Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman

Living legend, Nobel Prize winner and bestseller author

There are few living legends in this world and Daniel Kahneman is certainly one of them. He did pioneering research at the intersection of psychology and economics. He made short work of the rational, calculating human being and demonstrated uncompromisingly that our decisions are often driven by biases and emotions.

#1 Nobel Prize Winner
In 2002, Kahneman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his research with Amos Tversky about how people think and make decisions. They were the first psychologists to receive the Nobel Prize. Ever.

#2 Masterpiece: Thinking Fast and Slow
Kahneman compiled the insights from his years of research into a book: Thinking Fast and Slow. It became a worldwide bestseller and is considered by experts as an absolute masterpiece. Millions of copies are sold in different languages

#3 Wisdom and inspiration
Daniel Kahneman is now 87 but is still very active as a researcher and writer. He is an inspiration to many and impresses with his work that perfectly combines scientific wisdom and practical insights.

#4 New book: Ruis (Noise)
Kahneman is back with the long-awaited successor to Thinking Fast and Slow: A book that once again surprises with a razor-sharp analysis of factors that get in the way of our clear thinking. He demonstrates: we want to think clearly, but there is noise in our heads. With the right insights, you reduce that noise and make better decisions.