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Lex Hoefsloot (CEO and co-founder) and Tessie Hartjes (Chief marketing & sales) are the driving force behind Lightyear, a tech company on a mission: to create clean mobility for everyone. And with their solar car Lightyear One they are very close to the realization of that mission.

Exponential growth
Lightyear One is the first electric vehicle covered in solar panels suitable for long distance (up to 800 kilometers). It's an ultra efficient, light weight and beautifully designed car. Since the launch of the company in 2016, Lightyear has received many awards, grants and support from key investors. They have over 10 patents pending, over 100 early pre-orders and are working towards production at this very moment.

Best startup of 2019
In September, Lightyear was named the best startup of 2019 in the Netherlands on Linkedin. Linkedin analyzed billions of actions made by millions of members and concluded that Lightyear is de fastest growing and most popular Dutch startup on Linkedin. A great recognition for Lightyear's important work.

Technology to challenge the world's biggest problems
Lex: "Building Lightyear is a collaborative effort, where passion for technology, the earth and great products come together. Lightyear grew from 5 to 140 people in about 2 years. As Lightyear is a technology company, almost all effort goes into R&D. I strongly believe technology should be used for the right purposes, not to sell ads or products people don't need, but to directly challenge the world's biggest problems. We are not alone, technology is here to give us a hand."

Lightyear on the road
In the beginning of 2021 the first 100 Lightyear One cars should be on the road. 500 more will follow later that year.

The Oscars of technology
Lex and Tessie are also the co-founders of Blue Jay Eindhoven. This team created an interactive, autonomous drone which functions indoors and assists in healthcare related environments. Furthermore, Lex also stood at the cradle of Solar Team Eindhoven. With the Solar Team they won the World Solar Challange in 2013, 2015 ánd 2017. They built the world's first family car powered by solar energy and won many international prizes, among which the Crunchie: basically the 'Oscars of technology'. They beat Apple, SpaceX, ESA and The Blockchain.

Do we need we say more?

Lightyear LIVE
On November 4th, 2019 Lex & Tessie will speak at our seminar Purpose Driven Leadership with Simon Sinek.

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