Seminar 11/05/2020

Harvard Professors on Tour: Cancellation


Replacement: There is always a possibility to send someone in your place, free of charge. Please send us an email with the personal details of the person replacing you: (sur)name, title, email address and company. You can send this to

Credit: It's also possible to convert your ticket into a credit. This credit is valid for one year and can be used for any other DenkProducties seminar. You will choose a seminar from our calender that best matches your wishes and let us know through email. You can apply for a credit by sending us an email at Note: the only other English spoken seminar is Geraffineerd Onderhandelen.

Cancellation: Cancelling your registration is possible up to one week before the seminar Purpose Driven Leadership. Note that we charge administration costs of €150,- (excluding VAT). To cancel, sent us an email at It is unfortunately not possible to cancel within 1 week before the seminar. In this case we wil charge the entire amount of your ticket. It's always possible to send a replacement or apply for a credit (see options above).