Seminar 22/09/2020

Seth Godin: Game Changing Leadership


How to become the courageous leader your company needs right now

“Change has never been this fast before, and it will never be this slow again”

Every organization is facing an increasing pace of change. Only the most innovative and courageous companies will survive. As a leader, you are the change agent for your team. You have to guide them through a process of uncertainty and tremendous challenge. How do you do that?

Special guest: Seth Godin!
DenkProducties is proud to announce that Seth Godin will come to Amsterdam to speak at this leadership seminar. Seth will do a tailor-made keynote presentation and an interactive Q&A session with the audience. This is your chance to see Seth Godin live!


Seth Godin + more speakers to be announced


€ 995,00 (excl. 21% VAT)


Theater Amsterdam, Amsterdam


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  • 09:00 - Registration
  • 11:00 - Opening seminar
  • 19:00 - Reception

BLOCK 1: When games are changing (11.00-13.00)

  • Exponential changes and the impact on your organization
  • How do you make your organization future-proof when nothing seems stable?
  • 5 forces that will shape your business in the next 5 years

Speaker to be announced


BLOCK 2: Change the game (14.00-14.50)

  • How do you find game-changing opportunities for your organization?
  • Reinvent your business model and add new customer value
  • Building innovation-ready teams & innovating while keeping ‘the shop open’

Keynote by Seth Godin (45 minutes)

BLOCK 3: Be that game changer (15.15-16.30)

  • Be the courageous leader your company needs right now
  • Leave the comfort zone and encourage others to do too.
  • Trust you are doing the right thing (even if you are not sure)

Q&A session with Seth Godin (75 minutes)


BLOCK 4: Becoming a game changer (17.15-19.00)

In this block, you will meet two role models in Game Changing Leadership. One innovative entrepreneur and one courageous business leader. They both challenge the status quo, each in their own, unique way. This is what Game Changing Leaders do!

Speakers to be announced



Practical information

Practical information


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09:00 - Registration
11:00 - Opening seminar
19:00 - Reception

The main language of this seminar is English.