Seth Godin on Game Changing Leadership

maandag 26 oktober 2020

How do you develop the real skills that are necessary to make a true impact?

“Change has never been this fast before, and it will never be this slow again”

Every organization is facing an increasing pace of change. Only the most innovative and courageous companies will survive. As a leader, you are the change agent for your team. You have to guide them through a process of uncertainty and tremendous challenge. How do you do that?

In this half day digital workshop, Seth Godin will trigger you to explore what it means to be a leader. How do you develop the real skills that are necessary to make a true impact? In a 3-part-digital experience (max 250 participants) he will take you on a journey you will never forget.

Seth Godin
Seth Godin
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15:00 | Part 1: Changing the game of leadership

  • How to lead and stand-out in an ever-changing world
  • The role of bravery, empathy and intuition
  • What skills and mindset are necessary for your current and future company

15:00 - Opening keynote by Seth Godin (45 mins)

15:45 | Part 2: Real Skills for Leaders

A highly interactive, high impact group session on your real skills as a leader. What do you need to reach the next level? What is holding you down and how can make the jump? Seth will encourage you to share ideas, inspire each other and reach out to the next level. This is a session based on breakout groups. Almost all of your interactions will be with other participants. Come prepared ready to focus, be present and engage with other participants.

15:45 - Group dialogue session with Seth Godin (60 minutes)

16:45 | Break

17.15 | Part 3: Becoming a game changing leader

  • Taking yourself to the next level: what does it take
  • How to deal with negative forces that may obstruct your ambition
  • Keeping yourself motivated

17:15 - Q&A with Seth Godin (45 minutes)

18:00 | End of Session

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