Duncan Wardle's Fasterclass Innovative Thinking

Duncan Wardle's Fasterclass Innovative Thinking
Friday 11 September 2020

Easy tools to solve complex problems and create brilliant ideas

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Innovative thinking tools for creative solutions and brilliant ideas 

Why do you get your best ideas in the shower?
As a knowledge worker, your ‘thinking power’ is your most important tool. You need it to solve complex problems and generate new ideas. So why is it we get our best ideas in the shower or in the gym? And not at work? We don’t use our brain in the right way!

You are (even) more creative and brilliant than you think
In this masterclass, Duncan Wardle will give you a toolbox that will enable you to get your best ideas at work. You will find new, fresh solutions to everyday problems and unleash your hidden creative potential. The tools in this masterclass are easy, practical and fun. And you will experience: you are much more creative and genius than you already think.

The secrets from Disneys Innovation Leader
Duncan Wardle was head of innovation and creativity for Disney for over 10 years. He is the genius behind many stunning Disney innovations that made the company so successful. Now Duncan has stepped down from Disney, he is free to share all his tools with us. This is your first chance to get a hands-on masterclass from one of the world’s leading innovation experts.

From impossible to I’m possible
If you are looking for new ways of thinking that can help you solve complex issues or generate innovative new ideas, this masterclass is for you.

Duncan Wardle
Expert Duncan Wardle (Disney)
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09:00 Registration
09:30 Start seminar
17:00 End seminar with reception

Your 8 Creative Behaviors

  • How do you maximize your creative intelligence?
  • The power of playfulness, mindfulness and bravery
  • How do I turn ‘my idea’ into ‘our idea’?

Unexpected sources of creativity

  • Using naïve experts to make you more creative
  • Unleashing the creative power of introverts
  • Disney case: going undercover in the homes of your customers

New: 5 Innovation tools

  1. What if? – the power of extreme scenario’s
  2. Where else? – finding a solution in an unexpected place
  3. Who else? – changing perspectives for new ideas
  4. How else? – rewording a challenge
  5. What happens? – using a random stimulus to help you out

Back in your office: this is what you do

  • Enchanting your boss or your board
  • How to maximize the potential of your team
  • Creating new habits that work. Every day

Including: Innovation toolkit
As an attendee, you will receive Duncan’s Innovation Toolkit. This toolkit gives you hands-on insights to step out of your River of Thinking and use fresh thinking approaches to problem solving. Ready, start, go!

Practical information

09:00 Registration
09:30 Start seminar
17:00 End seminar with reception