Think Different - with Duncan Wardle

Think Different - with Duncan Wardle
Tuesday 25 March 2025

Your toolbox to solve complex problems and create brilliant ideas

Boost your Thinking Power

As a knowledge worker, your ‘thinking power’ is your most important tool. You need it to solve complex problems and generate new ideas. So why is it we get our best ideas in the shower, in the forest or in the gym? And not at work? We don’t use our brain in the right way!

Toolbox: more and better ideas

In this seminar, Duncan Wardle will give you a toolbox that will boost your creative thinking power. At work!  

8 Creative behaviors you can grow to be more creative, every single day
5 Innovation tools to maximize the creative potential of your team 

The tools in this seminar are easy, practical and fun. And you will experience: you are much more creative and genius than you already think.

Secrets from Disney's Innovation Leader

Duncan Wardle was head of innovation and creativity for Disney for over 10 years. He is the genius behind many stunning Disney innovations that made the company so successful. Since stepping down at Disney, Duncan is traveling the world to share all his tools with us. This is a rare opportunity do a hands-on masterclass from one of the world’s leading innovation experts.

Think Different is a trademarked workshop concept, registered by Duncan Wardle and ID8

Duncan Wardle
Duncan Wardle
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08:30 Registration
09:30 Start seminar
17:00 End seminar with reception

5 Innovation tools

  1. What if? – the power of extreme scenario’s
  2. Where else? – finding a solution in an unexpected place
  3. Who else? – changing perspectives for new ideas
  4. How else? – rewording a challenge
  5. What happens? – using a random stimulus to help you out

Back in your office: where to start

  • Enchanting your boss or your board
  • How to maximize the potential of your team
  • Creating new habits that work. Every day

Including: Innovation toolkit
As an attendee, you will receive Duncan’s Innovation Toolkit. This toolkit gives you hands-on insights to step out of your River of Thinking and use fresh thinking approaches to problem solving. Ready, start, go!

Your 8 Creative Behaviors

  • How do you maximize your creative intelligence?
  • 8 Behaviors with huge potential: Nurturing, Playfulness, Signaling, Instinct, Mindfulness, Curiosity, Prototyping & Bravery
  • How do I turn ‘my idea’ into ‘our idea’?

Unexpected sources of creativity

  • Using naïve experts to make you more creative
  • Unleashing the creative power of introverts
  • Disney case: going undercover in the homes of your customers

Practical information

08:30 Registration
09:30 Start seminar
17:00 End seminar with reception


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Piet Mondriaanplein 61
3812 GZ Amersfoort

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Vul deze 7 vragen in en zie meteen wat je moet doen:

Omdat ik het druk heb, heb ik te weinig tijd om écht goed na te denken
In mijn organisatie komen bepaalde problemen (te) vaak terug
Ik voel dat er méér creativiteit in mijn team zit dan er nu uit komt
Ik verzucht wel eens: ‘dit moet toch anders kunnen?’ maar ik weet niet precies hoe
Nieuwe ideeën krijgen niet altijd budget of prioriteit van de hoofddirectie
Als we problemen oplossen, denken we vaak in dezelfde patronen
In brainstorms/meetings claimen vaak de extraverte mensen het woord, terwijl ik geloof dat introverte mensen minimaal even goede ideeën hebben

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