Digital Zoomsession

Duncan Wardle is running this program in his professional Zoom environment. End-to-end encrypted, properly secured and professionally moderated. By using this platform, you will have the perfect tool to interact with Duncan personally and get the most out of this session.

Should you company not allow the use of Zoom in the workplace environment, it’s no problem to participate with your personal Zoom account.

Including: Innovation toolkit

As an attendee, you will receive Duncan’s Innovation Toolkit. This toolkit gives you hands-on insights to step out of your River of Thinking and use fresh thinking approaches to problem solving. Ready, start, go!

New way of digital learning

How many webinars and online courses have you sat through? How many were you actually paying attention to?

In a time where we need to be more innovative than ever, HOW we teach is just as important as what we teach, which is why I threw traditional webinars out the window and created a new form of digital sessions. High energy, interactive, online workshops sessions will help inspire you and give tangible tools you need to create a culture shift, starting immediately after the session.”

- Duncan Wardle