Executive Summary – Adam Grant

He's one of the science rockstars and most requested speakers of the moment: Adam Grant

Adam Grant is:

  • Rated the highest for 7 consecutive years as a professor at Wharton University.
  • Author of 6 global bestsellers, including Think Again, Give & Take, and Originals.
  • #2 Leadership Thinker of the world according to the prestigious Thinkers50.


Would you like to get acquainted with Adam Grant's work? And gain insights from his best books?

We can help you! Download this executive summary now. A pdf containing a collection of the best insights from Adam Grant's work. The pdf includes:

Part 1: Think Again - The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

Useful insights to learn to think smarter and find solutions where others see problems.

Part 2: Originals – How to cultivate and champion originals

How do you deal with people who 'don't fit in a box'? Do you find them difficult or do you see them as a source for innovation and fresh solutions?


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