Dounia Maakor

Dounia Maakor

Dounia Maakor is a multifaceted professional recognized as a presenter, radio host, editor, and award-winning writer. She has notably been honored with a VIVA400 award in 2020 for her impactful e-book addressing discrimination in the labor market. Beyond her accomplishments, Dounia is deeply dedicated to championing social causes, particularly focusing on diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities.

Radio- and tv host

Radio- and tv host for Dutch broadcaster Omroep NTR. She is one of the hosts of the radioshow 'Suhoor Stories'. Besides that she is the editor of television programs that evolve around philosophy. 


As a moderator Dounia brings the event to life with her vibrant personality. Her experience goes from award shows to government events. Hosting an international award show at the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam and interviewing CEO's of companies such as Tony's Chocoloney and Netflix at AFAS live in Amsterdam are one of her most recent appearances.