Elke Geraerts

Elke Geraerts

With a PhD in psychology, Dr. Elke Geraerts held various positions at the universities of Harvard, St Andrews, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Ghent, where she attracted international attention with her solid research work.

Specialst in Resilience

But she was drawn to the business world. Triggered by her scientific insights about mental resilience, she started the company Better Minds at Work, specializing in increasing mental resilience, energy and productivity of employees.

Bestselling author

Her big breakthrough came in 2015 with her bestseller Mentaal Kapitaal (Better Minds). She also wrote Het Nieuwe Mentaal (The New Mental), Authentieke Intelligentie (Authentic Intelligence) and The Mental Reset.

Psychology of work

Elke’s trademark is without doubt the way in which she manages to translate new psychological insights into fresh and accessible day-to-day applications. This is how she inspires people and organizations to hone their mental resilience and to become the best possible version of themselves.