Michiel Muller

Michiel Muller

“What drives me most is having a problem, a crazy idea, and then ask ourselves whether we can make this happen, despite any hurdles.”

Michiel Muller is perhaps Holland’s most famous disruptive entrepreneur. He enjoys shaking up industries with creativity, bravery and drive.

Fouder Picnic

Michiel is co-founder of Picnic, an innovative online supermarket, started in Holland but rapidly growing into Germany, Belgium and France. One of the investors in Picnic is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust.

Founder Tango & Route Mobiel

As a serial entrepreneur, Michiel Muller, along with co-founder Marc Schröder, developed the unmanned gas station chain Tango into a remarkable success story. Subsequently, he and Marc Schröder founded Route Mobiel, a competitor to ANWB Wegenwacht, effectively disrupting another market.

Awards and Books

As a Top 100 marketer, Muller has won numerous marketing awards, frequently appears on radio and television, and has been honored with awards such as the Effie and an Accent. He authored ‘Ondernemen is een ABC-tje’ and ‘Ervaringen van een Serial Entrepreneur’, which was voted entrepreneurship book of the year.

Outstanding speaker

On stage, Muller enjoys revealing the business models behind enterprises, offering genuine insights. His ability to think creatively and originally, coupled with his skill in engaging the audience, makes him the perfect closing speaker at a seminar on Courageous Leadership.