Podcast: Jim Collins at the Tim Ferriss Show

Jim Collins has been guest in one of the most popular podcasts on the planet: the Tim Ferriss Show. In this podcast, Ferriss tries to deconstruct the habits of world class performers. The podcast is famous for its deep conversations that provide compelling insights about self-management, leadership and personal development.

The first appearance of Jim Collins was in February 2019. In this engaged conversation of 2+ hours, Ferriss and Collins talk about personal leadership, discipline and ‘who luck’. A must-listen podcast that ended up in the top 3 most downloaded podcasts of the show in 2019.

Recently, Collins returned to the Tim Ferriss Show. In November 2020, Ferriss and Collins talk about the value of small gestures, about unseen sources of power and much, much more. Again in an intense and compelling conversation of 2+ hours.