Amy Edmondson: The Power of Psychological Safety

dinsdag 1 juni 2021

How to create a culture that is safe to express ideas, ask questions, and admit mistakes

Success in modern organization requires a continuous influx of new ideas, new challenges, and critical thought. People have to feel free to speak their minds, even if their idea is not robust yet. To facilitate this process, an organization can’t do without a culture of Psychological Safety.

In this digital masterclass, Amy Edmondson, professor at Harvard Business School, explores the power of psychological safety, and provides a blueprint for bringing it to life. She will teach you how to:

  • Create a culture where it’s safe to express ideas, ask questions, and admit mistakes
  • Nurture the level of engagement and candor required
  • Follow a step-by-step framework for establishing psychological safety in your team or organization

Psychological safety isn’t about being nice. It’s about giving candid feedback, openly admitting mistakes, and learning from each other.

Amy Edmondson
Amy Edmondson
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15:00 | Start

PART I The Power of Psychological Safety

  • Why Fear Is Not an Effective Motivator
  • Measuring Psychological Safety
  • Why Psychological Safety Matters for Performance
  • Psychologically Safe Employees Are Engaged Employees

PART II The Science of Intelligent Failure

  • The Role of Failure in Innovation
  • What it Means to Fail Well
  • Navigating Blind Spots
  • Be a Don’t Knower
  • Engage an Exploratory Response  

PART III Creating a Fearless Organization

  • The Leader’s Tool Kit
  • How to Set the Stage for Psychological Safety
  • How to Invite Participation So People Respond
  • How to Respond Productively to Voice – No Matter Its Quality
  • Leadership Self-Assessment

18:30 | End

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