Harvard Professors on Tour: Cancellation

donderdag 4 maart 2021

If you are for any reason not able to attend the seminar, we always offer you three options:

Replacement: There is always a possibility to send someone in your place, free of charge. This is possible up to the day before the seminar until 5PM. Please send us an email with the personal details of the person replacing you: (sur)name, title, email address and company. You can send this to customercare@denkproducties.nl.

Credit: It's also possible to convert your ticket into a credit. You can do this up to the day before the seminar until 5PM. This credit is valid for one year and can be used for any other DenkProducties seminar. You can choose a seminar from our calender that best matches your wishes and let us know through email. You can apply for a credit by sending us an email at customercare@denkproducties.nl

Cancellation: Cancelling your registration is possible up to one week before the seminar, without any costs. To cancel, send us an email at customercare@denkproducties.nl. It's not possible to cancel within 1 week before the seminar. In this case we wil charge the entire amount of your ticket. However, it's always possible to send someone in your place or apply for a credit (see the options above).

What if a seminar is cancelled due to the Coronavirus? If we are forced to cancel this seminar, we will always move it to a new date. Same program, same speakers. Your registration will automatically be rebooked to this new date. Of course without any extra costs. If the new date doesn't suit you, you can of course rebook to another seminar or get yout money back.