Supervisory Board

Wisdom from the outside

If you want to bring strategy, growth and innovation to the next level, you need extra thinking power. Wise brains and sharp eyes. DenkProducties has a Supervisory Board with 4 wise members:

  • Hans-Peter Siefen: Group CEO - Business Forum Group
  • Jorissa Neutelings: Chief Digital Officer, ABN Amro
  • Wytze de Haan: CEO of Squares and former Director of Events of TNW
  • Rikke Lolk Fjeldsted: Commercial Director, Bella Group

Hans-Peter Siefen joins Supervisory Board of DenkProducties. The co-founder of Nordic Business Forum and current CEO of the Business Forum Group will be the chairman of the newly appointed Supervisory Board of DenkProducties.

“I have been a big fan of Nordic Business Forum for years and I attended their big leadership event multiple times. What Hans-Peter and his team have accomplished in the Nordics is simply amazing: a ‘headliner only’ event with over 76.000 participants each year. I want to bring an event like this to Amsterdam and there is no better partner to have than Hans-Peter and his crew of Nordic Business Forum” - Hans Janssen, CEO DenkProducties

"I got to know Hans a few years ago and already since the first face to face meeting we started discussing the possibility to join forces. The first 7 months after making that idea official have been a great ride and we are up to speed towards a great 2023!" - Hans-Peter Siefen

Jorissa Neutelings joins Supervisory Board of DenkProducties. The current Chief Digital Officer of Vattenfall has joined the Supervisory Board of DenkProducties.

“Jorissa Neutelings is a true asset to our Board. She has her roots in the event industry and has grown to become a thought leader in the digitization processes of large corporates. This knowledge is of extreme value to a company like DenkProducties.” - Hans Janssen, CEO DenkProducties

"DenkProducties really makes you think and rethink. The basis for successful leadership is the constant  renewal of your knowledge. I think that every leader needs  a supportive partner as DenkProducties to stay up to speed!" - Jorissa Neutelings

Wytze de Haan joins the Supervisory Board of DenkProducties. The CEO of Squares and former Director of Events of the Next Web has joined the Supervisory Board of DenkProducties.

“Wytze is an amazing multi talent and great person to work with. Under his leadership, The Next Web Conference has grown into an immense icon in the international landscape of tech events. I love The Next Web and Wytze’s experience can be invaluable for DenkProducties. Also in his new role as CEO of Squares, Wytze can bring knowledge about digital event production to the company”. - Hans Janssen, CEO DenkProducties

"Hans is one of the few industry leaders I've always looked up to within the conference and event industry. DenkProducties is a small, talented team, but with the ambition and drive to deliver the best leadership events of this continent. They have proved their value to the business community by bringing respected leaders like Barack Obama to the Netherlands and giving us record-breaking seminars like MBA in a Day. Proud to be a part of the team!" - Wytze de Haan