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Have you already bought a ticket for this seminar? You will receive your e-ticket on September 26 or 27. Didn't receive it? Please check your spam inbox first. Still nothing? Contact us at or 020-3033820.


The seminar with President Obama has completely sold out. Thank you for your interest in our seminar!


VIP ticket (€1295,- ex. VAT) = SOLD OUT
These are the first rows of the venue. In addition to the best seats of the day, VIPs will have access to a VIP room during the breaks. VIP seats have limited availability.

Regular ticket (€995,- ex. VAT) = SOLD OUT
All seats will have a very good view of the stage and will have the comfort and organizational quality you can expect from a DenkProducties seminar.

Group packages (> 20 persons) = SOLD OUT
All group packages have sold out.  

Plus: 100 tickets for Charity! = CLOSED
Note: it is not possible to apply for a charity ticket anymore. All applications have received an email regarding their application for a ticket.

100 tickets are not for sale, but will be donated to charitable organizations. We want to inspire and thank the leaders of these organizations for their excellent work. And give them tools and insights to be even more effective in the good things they do for our society. These special seats will be subject to strict conditions and appointed by a special team. Applications and selection will not start until September 1, 2018. Questions.