Change the system – Dewi Van De Vyver

Change the system – Dewi Van De Vyver

How can you be the change? How can we change the future together by raising our voices together? Voted one of the most inspiring women in tech in Europe, Dewi Van De Vyver, shares 3 lessons how you as a leader can fuel the purpose driven economy.

Lesson 1: Lead with vision

As a leader you can change the system. Is a company’s sole purpose to make profit or to do good? You can change the doctrine by having a clear vision and living these values. Speak up as a leader if someone comes to you. Show a new kind of leadership.

Lesson 2: Embrace honesty and transparency to create trust

Have you ever felt you needed more grip which led you into the rabbit hole of micro-management and ultimately trust issues? Turn it around by involving your employees and customers. Trust is more important than profit and will create life long fans.

Lesson 3: Learn to listen and speak up

Bullying, corruption, this all can happen at your company too. If people come to you, listen, speak up for them. Let them know what your company stands for by putting those values in practice. And if you wonder why, why shouldn’t you? As leaders we should change the system.

So, if you feel you don’t fit in the system, the system is the problem. As a leader, which we all can be, we all have the means to speak up, look for honesty and transparency and creating sustainable change, together.

Written by Ashmita Krishna Sharma

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