Amy Edmondson - Takeaways on psychological safety

Amy Edmondson - Takeaways on psychological safety

The pioneer and champion of psychological safety… That’s a perfect description of Harvard professor Amy Edmondson. She is the author of the book ‘The fearless organization’ (based on almost 30 years of research on psychological safety).

Three takeaways from her talk at Amsterdam Business Forum 2022.

1)   5 misconceptions of psychological safety:  

Psychological safety is not: 

  1. About being nice. Being nice at work is code for not saying what you think.  
  2. A guarantee of a round of applause for everything that you say.  
  3. A license to complain.  
  4. Permission to slack off.  
  5. Certainly not free from conflict.

2)   Withholding your opinion is being disloyal 

People have a 1000 no’s in their heads but release none. Why is that?  

  • It is tough to offer a dissenting view in the presence of hierarchy.  
  • People want to be liked.  
  • Homogeneity is a risk factor.  

Your voice is mission-critical. Use it to avoid safety problems, wasted resources and business failure.  

3)   3 tipsHow to lead a fearless organization? 

  • Use humility to see reality through a frame of which you are not aware that is getting you in trouble.  
  • Actively invite engagement through curiosity by asking good questions and being a don’t knower who listens intently and insists on dissent. 
  • Respond productively with empathy to disagreement. Demonstrate the above with your behavior. 

Visual summary - the fearless organization

Written by Audry Bron 

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