How to unleash the creative powers in your team – Duncan Wardle

How to unleash the creative powers in your team – Duncan Wardle

Lacking creative inspiration? Struggling to get ideas from your employees? Duncan Wardle spent many years as Head of Innovation and Creativity for Disney. He has the solutions for these challenges. He knows how to transfer his energy to the audience with a snap of the finger. 3 tips on how to unleash the creative powers in your team.

Tip 1: Always choose “yes and” over “no because”

Children think expansively, later on in our lives we think reductively, because we were taught to give only one right answer. The more experience we have, the more we know a new idea won’t work. “No, because” limits the opportunities in your organization. “Yes and” gives plenty of room for creativity. It is fun, expands the possibilities and leads to OUR idea.

Tip 2: Search for your best idea moment and give it room

Best ideas mostly will not appear on busy or stressful moments. Be playful when you look for new ideas. This is the moment when you are most relaxed. Think about your best idea moment and act on it. Put a writing pad on your bedside table if that best idea often comes to you when you wake up.

Tip 3: Provide freshness to yourself and your organization

Your brain closes off to new ideas if you keep following the same patterns over and over again. Do things that are not standard. Organize unplanned collaboration. To start, take 1 hour of “Time to think” per month, exclusively for new ideas.

And as a bonus tip:
Creativity, intuition, curiosity and imagination are the most employable skills in the 21stcentury that should get more of your attention!

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