Dr. Ben Tiggelaar is one of the most popular trainers in the field of leadership and change. Since 2000, Ben conquered the number one position with seven books in the Dutch management-top ten. His book 'Dromen Durven Doen' has sold over more than 360.000 copies: this is unique for a management book! He also writes columns for NRC, which are popular throughout the whole of the Netherlands and highly ranked. 

Ben Tiggelaar knows what he talks about
Ben has been studying for more than 25 years on leadership and change. He has summarized over 10.000 pages of the books from the most important management authors and researchers, especially for his well-known 'in één dag' seminars (in one day). He has worked together with most of the authors and researchers whose books he summarized. On top of that, he is also visiting professor at the IE Business School, which the Financial Times declared as one of the top ten business schools in the world. Ben makes all the knowledge he gathered throughout the years, accessible in a pleasant and practical way. 

Seminar = content + impact
Ben surprises with his sparkling creativity to create a perfect balance between content and format. A day with Tiggelaar is definitely not an idle day: Ben has a rapid pace and offers a lot of insights, eye-openers, and practical tips. He presents his knowledge with a lot of enthusiasm and keeps it interactive, this will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The next seminar with Ben Tiggelaar is 'Psychologie in één dag'

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"Ben Tiggelaar deeply cares about the challenges we face in becoming better leaders, in changing our lives and in making a real contribution. Ben's unique talent is his ability to translate sound scientific research into inspirational, practical advice."

Stephen Covey, auteur van ‘De 7 eigenschappen van effectief leiderschap'