Typhoon (Glenn de Randamie)

Typhoon (Glenn de Randamie)

Speaker Amsterdam Business Forum 2023

Typhoon (Glenn de Randamie, 1984) is a storyteller who raps, speaks and sings in an honest and vulnerable way.

Through his colorful, energetic and poetic stories, Typhoon takes you into the conversation going on in companies and society, but most of all in his personal life and shines his light on it.

Never pointing fingers, but always connecting.

In his performances, also as a speaker, this connection is an experience: you are swept up in the story he has to tell. Typhoon touches you in your soul and makes you think about your own life, vision and feelings.

His civic engagement and decisiveness became national news in 2016 when Typhoon was stopped by a cop who ethnically profiled him. Typhoon cut his teeth on this abuse and got the issue on the political agenda.

As an entrepreneur, Typhoon is also someone who seeks connection and finds opportunities. For example, during the Corona pandemic, he was part of the Streamers, the occasional band that gave free livestream concerts.

Typhoon is also a fantastic speaker on themes of diversity and inclusion, positivity and connection. Typhoon closes Amsterdam Business Forum 2023 in a way that will stay with you for a long time. Guaranteed!

"Compliments are coming in. People are heavily impressed with Glenn. It has given an enormous boost to the organization (...) His authenticity, positivism, accessibility, language skills and personal stories have moved me and colleagues to tears."

Erik van Dam, APG