Music, diversity, leadership: lessons from Typhoon

Music, diversity, leadership: lessons from Typhoon

At Amsterdam Business Forum, Glenn de Randamie – better known as Typhoon – spoke about social impact and the impact of music on leadership. He gave in-depth lessons on the importance of authenticity, connection, and accountability to make a meaningful impact.

We share 3 of these lessons with you.

#1 Embrace human diversity

In music, beauty lies in the diversity of notes, instruments, and melodies coming together in a harmonious composition. You can extend this comparison to your role as a leader or entrepreneur. Embrace human diversity within your organization. It will help you create a workplace or community where everyone's unique perspectives contribute to greater creativity, innovation, and harmony.

Typhoon talked about his own life journey. About how he felt different because of his stuttering and his uniqueness. Despite these differences, he found a sense of belonging in the world through his music, travels, and experiences with diverse cultures. So, if you desire more personal development and a deeper understanding of others, welcome human diversity. 

#2 Trust the process and ask questions

Musical compositions result from trusting the creative process, much like jazz musicians trust each other during improvisation. Similarly, when you trust the process of growth and innovation, it can lead to more creative and effective solutions.

 That sounds nice, right? But in practice, it is sometimes challenging, because we like to be in control. However, as Typhoon puts it, try not to find the perfect answers. Instead, let’s learn to ask the right questions. Let’s postpone the answers. Let’s listen. It will promote open dialogue and allow you to learn from each other, ultimately leading to deeper connections. 

#3 Remember: ‘It’s not about me’

In a musical ensemble, each musician has a responsibility to contribute their part to a cohesive performance. Similarly, in a professional setting, every team member is accountable for fostering a cohesive and successful outcome.

As a leader, you have the responsibility to create a safe space in which your team can thrive, grow, and contribute, and where everyone can make their voice heard. It is important to listen, connect, and prioritize collective wellbeing over personal ambition. Typhoon uses the mantra "It's not about me". Maybe that will help you too?


Be brave in your discomfort (poem by Typhoon)
This is the voice of progress from my generation.
This is the voice of not agreeing with a gradual transition, but of taking action.
This is the voice that sets new conditions, not based on what was, because the mirror we often look into is broken.
And what's more, it was never our glass.
Let's listen.
If I have to ask you for your empathy, what is it worth?
If I have to ask you to put yourself in my shoes so you can experience me before you can talk to me as an equal, what is that experience worth?
What do you hope for?
No one scores a ten in this debate.
There are no damage free egos, no prices, no applause, no parade.
But moving forward is the only option.
And you are also needed in your hope and especially in your actions.
I stand here.
We stand here.
Be brave in your own discomfort.
Welcome to our generation.
And yes, I say ours because it's up to us now.
Be open and curious.
Then I will be, too.
There is no struggle without hope.
No me without you.
Dear people, we are free.
We are connected.
We have long since begun.

About Typhoon

Typhoon is a fantastic speaker on topics such as diversity and inclusion, positivity, and connection. Through his colorful, energetic, and poetic stories, Typhoon takes you into the ongoing conversation within companies and society, but above all, in his personal life, shining his light on it.

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