DenkTank Special #1: Melati Wijsen about change

DenkTank Special #1: Melati Wijsen about change

Melati is a young changemaker from Bali. Her mission is to change the world for the good and use young and motivated changemakers to make that happen. At the age of 12, Melati and her sister managed to get single use plastic bags banned from Bali. And she now runs an organization Youthtopia that helps young changemakers to realize their ambitious goals and make change happen.

This podcast is full of incredibly valuable life lessons for everybody who want to create change: be it in your own team or company, in your community or in society.

Melati shares insight on:

  • How to be a changemaker, what does it take and you do you learn the skill
  • How can companies increase their impact
  • What is ‘Youthwashing’ and why should we stop it
  • What can you do to welcome and integrate GenZ employees in your company.

Remy and Hans are amazed by the power and wisdom of such a young person. 

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