Anita Elberse: The Blockbuster Strategy

Anita Elberse: The Blockbuster Strategy
Tuesday 15 June 2021

Digital Masterclass with Anita Elberse

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to learn about business the way they do at Harvard? Anita Elberse, Harvard Business School’s only Dutch professor and known as a master case teacher, will bring the famous ‘case-method of learning’ to Holland – and in the process share her ground-breaking insights into:

  • What it takes to create hit products;
  • How you foster superstars inside your organization (and attract them);
  • How you can achieve long-term success, even in the most competitive of markets.

Jumping from Disney, Nike, FC Barcelona, AFC Ajax, and Spotify to Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Roger Federer and LeBron James, she will share how blockbusters come about, what today’s superstars did to beat the odds and establish world-class brands, and how you can apply those insights to improve your businesses.

This digital masterclass won’t be a lean-back experience – Harvard classes are highly interactive, so expect to be at the edge of your seat! The masterclass will be moderated by Ben Tiggelaar from our studio in Utrecht.

Anita Elberse
Anita Elberse
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15:00 | Opening

Opening by host and moderator: Ben Tiggelaar

Block 1: The Blockbuster Strategy

  • How do companies like Disney find continued success?
  • What have they learned about the link between risk-taking and hit-making?
  • What exactly is the blockbuster strategy, and how can you use it to increase your odds of success?

Interactive lecture by Anita Elberse, moderated by Ben Tiggelaar

Block 2: Superstars – And What They Can Teach the Rest of Us

  • What factors explain who will rise to the top – and stay there?
  • What do the most successful companies in entertainment know about developing, attracting, and retaining talent that is critical to their success?
  • Why do we see such strong ‘winner-take-all’ trends in today’s markets – and how can you ensure that you and your business stay on the right side of the trend?

Interactive lecture by Anita Elberse, moderated by Ben Tiggelaar

Block 3: Putting It All Together: Lessons for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

  • Putting the spotlight on you: What lessons emerge for your businesses?
  • What mindset enables you to find the right balance between risk and reward?
  • What can you do to find your inner superstar and rise to the top of your profession?

Interactive lecture by Anita Elberse, moderated by Ben Tiggelaar

18:00 | End

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