Daniel Shapiro: The Fine Art of Negotiation

Daniel Shapiro: The Fine Art of Negotiation
Thursday 20 May 2021

How to resolve even the most emotionally charged conflicts

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Do you think negotiating is difficult or uncomfortable? Make sure you use the insights of the best expert in negotiation in the world! Daniel Shapiro is founder of the world-famous Harvard International Negotiation Program and consults regularly for heads of state, Fortune 500 executives, warring factions, and families in crisis. DenkProducties brings Shapiro to Amsterdam! A one-of opportunity.

Hidden emotional forces
For the last 30 years, Shapiro has been researching the covert emotional forces that obstruct successful cooperation. He developed a step-by-step method that will guide you through each negotiation or conflict. And will teach you to navigate through even the most emotionally charged situations. Not with a ‘negotiation trick’ but a better, more sophisticated way of thinking.

Brilliant thinker, phenomenal teacher
In this digital seminar Shapiro will teach you the fine art of negotiating. Beware: Shapiro is not only a brilliant thinker but also a phenomenal teacher. Buckle up for a masterclass at the highest possible level.

Daniel Shapiro George van Houtem (EN)
Daniel Shapiro and George van Houtem (EN)
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15:00 | Start

Block 1: The hidden power of emotions in negotiation

  • Discover the hidden power of emotions in negotiation
  • Learn five powerful triggers of emotion
  • Gain tools to stimulate helpful emotions
  • Build a personal plan of action to improve your negotiations

Dr. Shapiro co-developed this breakthrough framework, used around the world to resolve high-stakes conflicts.

Block 2: Mastering conflict

  • Why do top negotiators repeat the same conflicts again and again??
  • How to crack the code of conflict
  • How to uncover the mythos of identity 
  • How to gain control over your conflict narrative

Dr. Daniel Shapiro

Block 3: How to negotiate the non-negotiable

Final thoughts + Q&A

18:30 | End

"With telling examples from the bedroom to the boardroom to the war room, this book gives us something invaluable—a way both to see the perils of identity conflict in negotiation and to avoid them."

Prof. Robert Cialdini, Author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

“Daniel Shapiro brings brilliant insights to the baffling conundrum of our age, intractable disputes of all kinds. Both a seasoned psychologist and international negotiator, Shapiro shows us how people’s deep identities are both problem and solution."

Daniel Goleman, author Emotional Intelligence

Dan Shapiro has written a masterpiece—clear, insightful, and practical—about the most difficult and emotionally-charged of negotiations: those that revolve around identity. Highly recommended!

William Ury, co-author of Getting to Yes and author of Getting to Yes with Yourself

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