3 leadership lessons from Usain Bolt

3 leadership lessons from Usain Bolt

How do you achieve peak performance and develop new talent? Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet, and current world record holder of the 100m, 200m sprint, and 4x100m relay, gives you 3 tips.

Tip 1: Aim for a legacy as your leadership driver 

To achieve greatness, you need to want the best for yourself. This means having a bigger picture of the goal and being willing to work hard. Your mindset plays a significant role in setting the standard in wanting to be the best among the best. Make sure you have fun in the process. 

Tip 2: You have to learn how to lose before you start to win 

Learn that it is OK to make mistakes. There is a message of success in every failure and mistake. You need to put yourself all in, not just enough. Enough will not do. You are the problem why you are losing and are not becoming a champion. Make yourself accountable.  

Tip 3: Any career transformation has to be your own conscious decision 

Usain Bolt does not regret his career change. Transformation is difficult in the view of others who still see him as a sportsman. No matter what you decide to do. Do not act like a person who knows everything. Focus on learning and keep doing good things. Enjoy the experiment.

Written by Audry Bron

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