Futureproof your business – 3 tips by Deborah Nas

Futureproof your business – 3 tips by Deborah Nas

How can you futureproof your business through technological innovation? And use technology to tackle societal problems? Futurist, entrepreneur and professor of Delft University Deborah Nas shared three tips to become a game changer in your industry.

Tip 1: Rethink the speed of change

While people tend to think they need technology to accelerate the speed of change this is not necessarily true. Innovation is slowed down by organizational silos, legacy systems and human factors. How many companies really understand the human behavior that they are seeing in their companies?

Tip 2: Rethink your frame of reference

What if books were invented after video games? Would we say they are bad for personal development and creativity? That they lead to social isolation? Your frame of reference is defined by your age. Before you decide if you let your children play with Lego or Minecraft try to understand your own frame. It defines your attitude towards technology.

Tip 3: Have your game plan ready

Tesla was here to disrupt and this was the wake-up call in the car industry. Take Volvo, a traditional corporate, what to do when the future is electric? They followed three innovation strategies in order to stay relevant by working with startups, reinventing themselves through agile transformation and building a new company with a new value proposition. By 2030 100% of their pool will be electric.

So, what’s your game plan? How are you going to build a long term vision which is sustainable and does good for the world?

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Written by Ashmita Krishna Sharma


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