How to become a ‘Level 5 Leader’

How to become a ‘Level 5 Leader’

Jim Collins is the world's number one thinker, researcher and autor on leaership. At the Global Leadership Summit, Collins gave an impressive keynote speech that had a deep impact on his audience. 

Collins addressed the concept of 'Level 5 Leadership': the highest possible level you can reach as a leader. What does it take to become a Level 5 Leader? How do you reach that level? Which obstacles do you have to overcome? 

Check out these 3 short video's of Jim Collins on stage. 


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1. This is the ultimate leader: the ‘Level 5 Leader’ (1 min)

Each organisation has some truly inspirational leaders: people that are motivating to work for and reach their goals. Jim Collins refers to them as 'Level 4 leaders'. Good leaders, but there is still one exceptional level above them. What is this ultimate leadership factor? How do you get it? 


2. Good to great leadership: 3 things you need (2 min)

Most Level 5 Leaders were not born this way. They grew and rose to an exceptional level of leadership. Which means: Level 5 leadership can be developed. You can actually learn it! In this video, Jim Collins addresses 3 aspects that are of crucial importance: 


3. How to turn failures into growth? (3 min)

Jim Collins challenges each organization to work with a ‘BHAG’: a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. A bold goal, that is very challenging to reach. And you know: we will have some failures and setbacks on the way. How do you turn failures into opportunities for growth?


Jim Collins: Live Virtual Masterclass

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