Overcoming challenges as a pioneer – 3 tips by Boyan Slat

Overcoming challenges as a pioneer – 3 tips by Boyan Slat

How do you overcome challenges as a pioneer with the future in mind? Boyan Slat, founder and CEO of the Foundation The Ocean Cleanup, spoke at the Amsterdam Business Forum. He has 3 tips for you:

Tip 1: Let go of experience, embrace a learning attitude

A learning attitude exceeds experience, says Boyan. When you are pioneering, you need a problem-solving mindset. Experience and standardization can work against you. A positive attitude, perseverance, and the willingness to change and go to the next stage will lead to unscheduled learning opportunities.

Tip 2: Celebrate solutions for mental health sake

Each solution can lead to finding another problem to solve. Problem-solving can therefore take a toll on your mental health. Even as difficult it may seem, take joy in each little step leading to a solution. It is fulfilling. Boyan explains that he gets a high in finding solutions.


Tip 3: Lead with the strategic philosophy and mission in mind

A strategic philosophy is to keep a mission-driven organization. Integrate your mission into the team onboarding program. Dedicate to the mission and lead by example. People have to see it, and this can be hard. You will learn to do things together beyond your stand while helping others.”

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Written by Audry Bron

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