The future of work – 3 tips by Yuval Noah Harari

The future of work – 3 tips by Yuval Noah Harari

How do we deal with the transformation of the job market? Israeli historian and futurologist Yuval Noah Harari takes you through the most important developments in the coming decades. He spoke at Amsterdam Business Forum - Future Focused Leadership. We got three major tips from Harari:

Tip 1: Accept that a lot of jobs will be taken over by computers

Some of our tasks are taken over by computers. Artificial intelligence is much better at recognizing patterns and also comes up with the best solutions. In addition, AI is not hindered by its own emotions in fulfilling those tasks. After all, there aren’t any. Lucky for us human beings, tasks involving awareness and compassion cannot be taken over by computers.

Tip 2: Reinvent yourself over and over

Changes are happening faster and faster. Jobs expire. These are taken over by computers. New jobs are coming, but they will also change constantly. Even at 60 you will have to adjust yourself constantly. Dropouts are irrelevant and are excluded. This requires mental toughness, flexibility and adaptability.

Tip 3: Learn and unlearn

We will have to unlearn outdated knowledge so that this does not hinder the new behavior to be developed. More importantly, we have to learn in a new way. To get our children ready for the next decades, we need to teach them in a different way than we are now used to. Teaching knowledge is no longer useful. Teaching them how to find reliable information, certainly is.

 We will have to embrace change, with each other and with ourselves. Key is: What is my responsibility? What can I, or my organization, or my family do?

Visual summary by Monique van Rooyen:

Written by Daniel Zwiers

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