Media and press

Here ere the official press releases and information about the event Forward Thinking Leadership. For media inquiries and requests, please contact us at


Can I get a press pass?
Unfortunately, no press is allowed at the event with President Obama.

Is it possible to arrange an interview with President Obama?
No, President Obama will not be available for interviews or any other interactions with the media.

Is it possible to arrange an interview with DenkProducties and AFAS?
Yes, that is possible. Requests can be send to We will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please note that not all requests can be honored.

I want to write a piece on this event, what sources can I use?
If you wish to write something on the event and President Obama, please look below for our press releases and information about DenkProducties. Also, take a look at the brochure, the event page Forward Thinking Leadership or President Obama's biography. For more information, contact us via the above contact details.

Why do you write about 'President' Barack Obama, he already left office right?
All former Presidents of the United States are referred to as 'President', also after leaving the White House. The title remains, so of course we respect it.

Do you have official visuals I can use?
To download the official high resolution photo of President Obama, click here.
For pictures of DenkProducties events, have a look at our Flickr account.

Press Releases

[NL] 12/07 Locatie seminar 'Forward Thinking Leadership' bekend: AFAS Live 

[EN] 09/07 Anouncement: President Obama in the Netherlands for leadership seminar

[NL] 09/07 Aankondiging: President Obama naar Nederland voor leiderschapseminar

About DenkProducties

Education doesn't have to hurt. We banish boring lecture rooms and Powerpoint attacks. DenkProducties creates the perfect setting for optimal knowledge growth. That's our mission.

For over 15 years DenkProducties has been the leading specialist in one-day seminars. Seminars that keep you on the edge of your seat from the first to the final minute. We do this by:

  • Working solely with the best (inter)national experts. Without compromise.
  • Designing our programs in such a way that you'll absorb the knowledge and never forget.
  • Making sure location, catering and stage-management are down to the last detail.
  • Offering follow-up material after the seminar to help implement everything you've learned.

Over the course of 15 years we've specialized in 3 areas:

  • Leadership: how do I help my people and business grow?
  • Influence: how do I maximize my impact?
  • Personal effectiveness: how do I make the most of my time and skills?

Every year thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs and managers participate in our seminars. After a day of DenkProducties they return to their offices enriched with insights, inspiration and concrete actions. That's why we love doing this.