DenkTank Special #2: Douglas Lamont on impact

DenkTank Special #2: Douglas Lamont on impact

As a leader, one of your most important roles is: work on the purpose of your organization. Your customers, employees and investors find this increasingly important. They demand to know the reason you are in business and the contribution you are making to a better world.

In this DenkTank podcast, you will learn valuable lessons from -perhaps- the most famous impact company in the Netherlands: Tony’s Chocolonely. CEO Douglas Lamont shares a lot of very interesting insights you can use to lead your own company in a better, more purpose driven way.

  • How do you integrate: mission, performance and care?
  • How can you be commercially successful and still make impact your primary aim?
  • What team culture do you need to make a bigger impact?
  • What does it take to lead a company like Tony’s?
  • What can you do in your own team, no matter how small, as of tomorrow?

Douglas proves not only to be a charismatic leader, but also a great storyteller.

Enjoy this podcast with Douglas Lamont, hosts Christ Coolen and Hans Janssen.



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