Noise & the art of critical thinking

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Special Guest: Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman will share the best ideas from his latest book Noise in this digital seminar:
✔️ What is Noise and how does it affect our judgement?
✔️ How can we reduce noise to make better (business) decisions?

You can attend this hybrid event in two ways: the digital seminar (15:00-17:00 online) or by booking a VIP seats in the studio (11:00-19:00) and get extra lectures on site. Click the button for your preferred format:

#1: Digital seminar

#2: 100 VIP seats (partly dutch)

Daniel Kahneman hardly ever gives live sessions, but for us he makes an exception. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

In the digital session, our -very- special guest is Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman. 87 years of age, live from New York. He will share insights from his newest book Noise, and will answer questions. You will also get reflections and insights from our guest speakers: Ben Tiggelaar, Margriet Sitskoorn en Sanne Blauw.

✔️ How Noise distorts our clear and critical thinking
✔️ How you can recognize Noise
✔️ What you can do to minimize or eliminate Noise

Daniel Kahneman Margriet Sitskoorn Ben Tiggelaar
Daniel Kahneman and others
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15.00 Opening by Ben Tiggelaar

Welcome and opening by host Ben Tiggelaar

15.15 | Part 1: Noise - a flaw in human judgement

15.15 Key insights from 'Noise' 

Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman will share the best ideas from his newest book ‘Noise’ with us. Live from New York City:

* What is Noise and how is it affecting our judgement?
* How can we reduce noise to make better decisions in business tasks?
* What are practical implications for forecasting, creative strategies, performance appraisal and hiring.

15.40 Q&A Session with Daniel Kahneman 

Interactive Q&A session where experts and viewers can ask their questions to Daniel Kahneman. Moderated by Ben Tiggelaar

16.00 | Part 2: How to work 'noise free'

3 reflections by our experts:

1. How can we use our knowledge of Noise in behavior change processes?
Ben Tiggelaar

2. What does our knowledge of Noise mean for our 'brain productivity'?
Margriet Sitskoorn 

3. What can we do do reduce Noise when iterpreting data and numbers?
Sanne Blauw

17.00 | End of masterclass

Final remarks by our host

Practical information


Hybrid program: digital & physical (Utrecht)

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