How to lead change and start a revolution – by Roebyem Anders

How to lead change and start a revolution – by Roebyem Anders

Roebyem Anders founded Sungevity Nederland to use solar energy to accelerate the energy revolution. She shares her 6 steps to make more impact, creating a change and be revolutionary in the change. 

Step 1: Think big. Aim High

A plastic free ocean, did we really think before Boyan Slat that this was possible? He showed us it is, by using clever ways to scaling up and make a bigger impact.

Step 2: Make it easy and fun

People do not want to be bored. Solar panels difficult to use? No, solar is easy and fun and in digitizing the process Roebyem makes you go solar in 3 just clicks.


Step 3: Bring clear benefits

By mass producing solar China changed the game with declined costs. What clear benefits do you bring?

Step 4: Press the emotional button

What message charms your customer? Save the environment, go solar? Or hey, did you knew your neighbor is saving money by going solar? Boom, jackpot. So, what is your customer’s emotional button?


Step 5: Be inclusive

Roebyem saw many smart refugees doing nothing so she trained them to install solar panels. What difference can you make here?

Step 6: Think Bigger again

And once you get the microphone, use that microphone to do better. This is how Roebyem built Ukranian field hospitals through partnering with Tesla.

Start your change. Don’t wait and start today with your revolution.

Written by Ashmita Krishna Sharma

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