Jimmy Nelson – The art of connection

Jimmy Nelson – The art of connection

Be enchanted by the art of connection. That’s what Jimmy Nelson does to you. Nelson is an award-winning photographer who has traveled the world for years. He invests days, even weeks, in creating mutual trust that allows both parties to really connect.


3 tips from Jimmy Nelson about the art of connection.


Tip 1: Free yourself

In his youth Jimmy Nelson lost all his dignity and could only see his ugly insides. The drive to escape became so great that he took an example from his Avatar Tin Tin. He traveled to Tibet and was taken in, respected and accepted and came back to life. That whole rescue process and the intimate moments of connection along with it led to the making of a picture and essentially the beginning of the journey to today.

Tip 2: Submit, admire, adore, empower

To get a real connection you have to submit completely to the other. By steadfastly admiring and adoring you gain trust. Empower and there will be connection. From that moment on, the other is able to give all of themselves to you. Jimmy Nelson thus connected with tribes all over the world.

Tip 3: Searching for connection will enrich you

Meeting people, seeing people, investing in others will eventually shine back on you.

That investment, the time you put into it, the submission, the failure, the whole journey will enrich you extraordinary. Meeting beautiful people does not have to be at the other end of the world, but it can also be done in your own direct environment. 

The optimal connection then leads to the very best performance of yourself and others.

Visual summary Building connections - Jimmy Nelson

Written by Daniel Zwiers

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