3 tips for more global impact - Rutger Bregman

3 tips for more global impact - Rutger Bregman

We all feel: we need to step up to save the world. But how do you do that? According to Rutger Bregman, ‘moral ambition’ is the answer. He spoke about it at Amsterdam Business Forum, the IMPACT edition. We’ve got three tips.

#1 You can actually make a difference

You can actually make a difference in what happens to the story of the human race. It starts with a very simple recognition: time is your most precious resource. And you can spend it with moral ambition: the desire to do as much good with your career as possible. 

It's about the drive to enact positive change and the commitment to stay anchored in ethical values.

#2 Focus on maximum impact

Resources are always limited. Your energy is always limited. So, as an entrepreneur, you know that you must focus all the time. In the realm of actually changing the world, focus on things that are important, neglected, and tractable.

Make sure you can actually do something about the problem. It doesn't mean that you must solve it. Success doesn't have to be guaranteed: if you want to have an impact, sometimes you must take risks.

#3 Balance is key

Our modern world, driven by metrics and results, often overlooks the ethical considerations underpinning actions.

Balance is key: you must maintain a delicate balance between achieving tangible goals and upholding unwavering ethical standards. Only then can true impact resonate.

About Rutger Bregman

Rutger Bregman wrote the bestseller ‘De meeste mensen deugen’ (‘Humankind, A Hopeful History’). He stood on the TED conference main stage. And because of his sharp thinking and fresh ideas, The Guardian considers him ‘The Dutch Wunderkind of New Ideas’.

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