Cultivating a powerful culture: 3 insights from AFAS & Netflix

Cultivating a powerful culture: 3 insights from AFAS & Netflix

Alix Jacobson and Britt Breure shared the stage at Amsterdam Business Forum. Their discussion on 'Impact Cultures' delved deep into the essence of contemporary corporate culture. Drawing on their experiences, the duo explained how culture, when nurtured properly, can become an organization's most powerful tool. Three takeaways from their talk.

#1 Consider your culture as the guiding North Star

Do you want your company to remain agile and aligned even in a rapidly changing industry? Then ensure that culture is more than just a buzzword. Make it your guiding principle, guiding every strategic decision like a North Star.


#2 Include trust as one of your core values

Consider trust as one of your core values, especially if fostering innovation is important to your company. By empowering employees with autonomy and decision-making authority, you cultivate a culture that sparks innovation and ensures that every team member feels engaged and included.


#3 Find ways to make your core values come alive

Ensure you have a clear definition of your core values. Pick principles that genuinely suit you; they are most effective when embraced by everyone. Therefore, look for ways to make them come alive. Share stories. Or take inspiration from AFAS's Monkey Milestones.


About Alix Jacobson and Britt Breure

Alix Jacobson is the former Vice President HR EMEA at Netflix. She is a commercially driven international HR executive with an extensive track record of building and sustaining healthy, efficient, and high-performing teams.

Britt Breure is the Director of HR and CSR at AFAS Software, a unique family company with a strong corporate culture and impressive results.

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