The impact of ice cream and chocolate – 3 lessons

The impact of ice cream and chocolate – 3 lessons

Ben & Jerry’s and Tony’s Chocolonely: both companies aim to make the world a little bit better through their products, through their people, and by raising their voices.

At Amsterdam Business Forum, leaders Lilian Geijsen and Douglas Lamont took the stage. These are 3 lessons you can learn from them.

#1 Work together for more impact

Change is more potent when undertaken collectively. Collaborative efforts, partnerships, and community engagements amplify the impact and bring about more significant change. For example: Tony’s Chocolonely started an open supply chain, which Ben & Jerry’s now sources their cocoa from.

And hooray, with Chocolatey Love-A-Fair ice cream and chocolate, they not only change the industry, but also offer a delicious treat!

#2 Get the right investors

Ensuring that your mission remains great attracts great talent. It also attracts people who really want to make that difference. Therefore, connect with investors who are committed to your mission, rather than to profit maximization.

#3 Ensure a good balance

To be commercially successful and make a global impact, your product mission, economic mission, and social mission need to be equally important. Make the best possible product in the nicest possible way.

And share your evidence and data: show that it works. It will inspire other companies.

About Lilian Geijsen and Douglas Lamont

Lilian Geijsen is the managing director of Ben & Jerry’s Europe. She embodies the company’s mission of delivering high-quality, socially responsible products while making a positive impact on the world.

Douglas Lamont is the CEO of Tony’s Chocolonely. Or Chief Chocolate, as he himself calls it. He is also a co-chair of a coalition that campaigns to ensure businesses are legally responsible for balancing their commitments to people, planet, and shareholders.

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