What to expect from Purpose Driven Leadership 2019?

What to expect from Purpose Driven Leadership 2019?

It's only 2,5 weeks until the biggest seminar of the year: Purpose Driven Leadership. At DenkProducties we're working our asses off to bring you the best possible experience on the 4th of November. And we are confident to say: this a going to be a day you'll never forget.

In this blog you'll read everything you want to know about the structure of the program and the speakers. Scroll all the way down for more practical info. Let's get started!

(Looking for a compact version of the program? Check out the brochure)


Hans Janssen is the founder of DenkProducties and the mastermind behind the program of Purpose Driven Leadership. He carefully designed the program with only the very best speakers he could find. Some are more known than others, but each speaker adds a unique value to the program. 

In this video Hans shares his vision on the program and explains which choices he made in designing this seminar.


So you might have already guessed what the seminar theme is: purpose driven leadership. How do you build an organization primarily driven by purpose? And how to lead such an organization?

Purpose driven organizations set goals that transcend traditional metrics and market shares. Purpose driven organization are characterized by:

  • A clear 'why' anchored in their DNA
  • Commited leaders who really make the difference
  • A safe and positive business culture

Now let's discover the speakers who will guide you through these topics...



Keynote speaker in this seminar is of course the one and only Simon Sinek, one of the most forward thinking leaders of our time. Sinek is on a short tour in Europe and will do his most elaborate keynote with us, in Amsterdam.

While in Milan and Madrid he's one of the speakers at a general leadership conference, our seminar is entirely programmed around his ideas and vision. Nowhere in Europe he will spend more time on stage than with all of you! His contribution to the seminar consists of:

  • A keynote presentation + Q&A on his new book* ‘The Infinite Game’ (60 minuten)
  • PLUS: a moderated conversation on leadership (45 minuten)
  • PLUS: a book signing in the lobby (45 minuten)

* This book is just released this week and of course you'll get a copy. This means you're one of the first to have it!


Next to Sinek's keynote this seminar contains a few very special guest speakers. They have been carefully selected based on two criteria:

  1. Their insights seamlessly match Simon Sineks vision. The compelling stories of our guest speakers add depth and value to Sinek's talks. It's a little like FC Barcelona building their team around Messi: we built our program around the ideas of Simon Sinek.
  2. Their presentation skills are extraordinary. Talks worthy of an audience of over 1000 attendees.

We even dare to say that some of our guest speakers will have a greater impact on you than Sinek himself. That's what DenkProducties is known for: carefully designed programs and surprising speakers who will blow you away. Just to make sure you will be at the edge of your seat from the first to the very last minute.


Jitske Kramer is a corporate anthropologist (just like Sinek, who studied anthropology). She'll show you the connecting power of a strong purpose. What's the anatomy of a good purpose and what can we learn about it from the world of tribes? Surprisingly relevant and practical!

Famous Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde makes art with a purpose. He shows how creating beautiful things, doing good and building a flourishing company go hand in hand. He wants to make the world a better place. His most famous work is the Smog Free Tower in Bejing. He combined art to get smog out of the air in one of the most polluted cities in the world. 


The second block is were it all happens... the man of the hour: Simon Sinek! Almost two hours of true inspiration by one of the greatest leadership thinkers of our time. Simon will talk about the 5 aspects of companies who play 'the infinite game'. He will show you how to run a company in a different way. The interview is led by the amazing Nadia Moussaid. For the fire side chat we will collect questions from all of you and select the best ones to ask Sinek (check our email from Oct. 17 for instructions).


Peter van Uhm is the former commander in chief of the Dutch armed forces. In his military years Peter learned all about how to build strong trusting teams. Teams with loyalty, dedication and purpose. The military mindset is a mindset all businesses and leaders can learn from. His insights beautifully complement Sinek's book ‘Leaders eat last’.

Lex HoefslootTessie Hartjes are two bright, young, innovative entrepreneurs who are currently shaking up the car industry with their LightYear One: the first long distance car on solar energy. We will discover their drive, determination and purpose which is truly inspiring. Clean mobility for everyone!

The final speaker is Sander de Kramer. He will share a story with you that you will never never never forget. We can try to decompose purpose driven leadership, but Sander is the very personification of the concept. He will make you feel the power of purpose to the bone. Ghoosebumps!


Note: timings may be subject to change during the seminar.

09:00 – Registration
10:00 – Doors open

Block 1

10:30 Opening by chairman Ronnie Overgoor
10:45 Jitske Kramer
11:30 Daan Roosegaarde

12:15 Break

Block 2

13:15 Simon Sinek: The infinite Game
14:15 Intermezzo
14:30 Simon Sinek: a moderated conversation on Leadership (with Nadia Moussaid)

15.30 Break with book signing by Simon Sinek

Block 3

16:25 Peter van Uhm
17:00 Lex Hoefsloot & Tessie Hartjes
17:35 Sander de Kramer
18:10 Grand finale

18.30 End of seminar with drinks and 'bitterballen'


For all details and frequently asked questions, check out our FAQ & INFO PAGE.

Date: Monday, November 4, 2019
Location: Theater Amsterdam in Amsterdam
Language: English
Audience: 1.195 leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs
Status: sold out


All catering is included in your ticket. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions October 21st at the latest. After this date, we cannot guarantee that we will have a special meal available for you.

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