Seminar 04/11/2019
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Simon Sinek: Purpose Driven Leadership


An exclusive leadership seminar with Simon Sinek

---  UPDATE: the VIP tickets are SOLD OUT  ---

How do you build an organization that is primarily driven by purpose? An organization that:

Has a clear WHY, serving as a lighthouse to guide choices.
Has no ‘managers of metrics’ but ‘leaders of people’.
Gives inspiration, safety and fulfilment to its people.

Simon Sinek in Amsterdam! 
In this unique leadership seminar, we explore the characteristics and mindset of purpose driven organizations. And we meet the extraordinary people that lead them. Keynote speaker of this seminar is Simon Sinek. One of the most extraordinary business thinkers of our time. Sinek will share his best leadership ideas with us and talk about his new book ‘The Infinite Game’ which is to be released in October.

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Simon Sinek (more speakers to be announced)


€ 995,00 (excl. 21% btw)


Theater Amsterdam, Amsterdam


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  • 10:00 Registration
  • 10:30 Start seminar
  • 18:00 End seminar with reception

#1: The Power of Purpose

In this block, we discover the extreme power of an inspiring purpose. How it generates energy, creates meaning and inspires action.


1.1. Organizations as Purpose Driven Tribes
Speaker: Jitske Kramer

  • An anthropologist’s view on purposeful leadership
  • The interplay of power & love
  • Jamming your way towards purpose


1.2 Landscapes of the future
Speaker: Daan Roosegaarde

  • Using art and technology to improve daily life
  • The social role of design
  • A new dimension to ‘Schoonheid’

#2: Purpose Driven Organizations

In block 2, Simon Sinek takes you on a deep dive into the Purpose Driven Organizations. What makes them so unique and what kind of leadership do they have?


2.1. The Infinite Game (new!)
Keynote presentation by Simon Sinek on his new book & deepdive Q&A

  • Playing the Infinite Game for enduring growth
  • There is no such thing as ‘winning’ in business
  • Infinite leadership: lessons for you as a leader


2.2. Purpose driven mindset
An optimistic conversation with Simon Sinek

  • Leading as an unshakable optimist
  • How to inspire and engage millennials
  • Becoming the leader you wish you had

#3: Making the difference

In the final block, we meet purpose driven leaders that walk the talk. Day in, day out. They create amazing organizations and achieve extraordinary results.

Speakers to be announced



Praktische informatie

Praktische informatie


Theater Amsterdam
Danzigerkade 5
1013 AP Amsterdam
Telefoon: 020 70 55 055



10:00 Registration
10:30 Start seminar
18:00 End seminar with reception