Simon Sinek: Purpose Driven Leadership (uitverkocht)

Simon Sinek: Purpose Driven Leadership (uitverkocht)
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Een exclusief leiderschapsseminar met Simon Sinek

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Simon Sinek (EN) Daan Roosegaarde Jitske Kramer
Simon Sinek
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09:00 Ontvangst
10:30 Start seminar
18:30 Einde seminar met borrel

BLOCK 1: The Power of Purpose

In this block, we discover the extreme power of an inspiring purpose. How it generates energy, creates meaning and inspires action.


10:45 Organizations as Purpose Driven Tribes
Speaker: Jitske Kramer

  • An anthropologist’s view on purposeful leadership
  • The interplay of power & love
  • Jamming your way towards purpose


11:30 Landscapes of the future
Speaker: Daan Roosegaarde

  • Using art and technology to improve daily life
  • The social role of design
  • A new dimension to ‘Schoonheid’

BLOCK 2: Purpose Driven Organizations

In block 2, we will take you on a deep dive into Purpose Driven Organizations. What makes them so unique and what kind of leadership do they have?


13:15 The Infinite Game (new!)
Keynote presentation by Simon Sinek on his new book + Q&A (60 minutes)

  • Playing the Infinite Game for enduring growth
  • There is no such thing as ‘winning’ in business
  • Infinite leadership: lessons for you as a leader


14:30 Purpose driven mindset
A moderated conversation with Simon Sinek by Nadia Moussaid (45 minutes)

  • Leading as an unshakable optimist
  • How to inspire and engage millennials
  • Becoming the leader you wish you had

BLOCK 3: Making the difference

In the final block, we meet purpose driven leaders and pioneers that walk the talk. Day in, day out. 


16:25 Loyalty and Purpose: the military mindset
Speaker: Peter van Uhm

  • Building trusting teams
  • Leaders eat last
  • Commanders intent


17:00 The Lightyear story
Speakers: Lex Hoefsloot & Tessie Hartjes

  • How a group of students started a groundbreaking car company
  • Lightyear’s contribution to the future of mobility
  • A day in the life of a purpose driven entrepreneur


17:35 Living on Purpose
Speaker: Sander de Kramer

  • How a journalist from Rotterdam became a Chief in Sierra Leone
  • Chasing your dream and overcoming obstacles
  • This is what it takes to live your purpose


18:10 Finale


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09:00 Ontvangst
10:30 Start seminar
18:30 Einde seminar met borrel


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